Chatbox Rules

These are the chatbox rules. To remain on the blog, you must follow them to the full extent. Sometimes there will not be as much emphasis on these rules, but you still are expected to abide by them. Breaking these rules will result in a kick/ban. Three kicks = 1hr ban.

1. No bullying.
2. No Spamming
3. No Cussing (Unless you are an owner.)
4. Don't abuse your rank or powers.
5. Don't ask for days/xats.
6. Do not give away accounts.
7. No advertising. Will result in a ban without warning.
8. Do not ask for rank upgrades. Read FAQ.
9. Inappropriate behavior of any kind will result in a ban.
10. Please save your drama for your llama. This is a chat for entertainment, not fighting. If you've got something to say, say it over PC
11. Do not pose. No one likes posers.
12. Be nice
13. Have fun!
14. Be a loyal Cookie Monster, forever and always♥

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cookie Monster Of The Week?

Every week we will have a new



Cookie Monster Of The Week!


The First User is:
Free Taco Cursors at